DLOG: Turning Green


Lillian: We have an update.

Delilah: A lumpdate.

Lilly: As promised, my sister started her chemo pills Monday with dinner.

Lilah:  Around 12:30 Tuesday morning I erped it all up in a corner of Mom and Papa Jon’s bedroom.

Lilly: Erp-a-saurus.

Lilah: It was a doozy.

Lilly: Puke-a-pattomus.

Lilah:  It was RUFF!  But I ate all my meals and kept them in my tummy after that.  I feel much better now.

Lilly: You even helped me yell at the yard guy yesterday.

Lilah: Today’s pill day though.  I take them on Mondays and Thursdays. We’re all  hoping it, along with my breakfast, stays IN.

Lilly: I’ll exchange my lovely scarf for a spatter-guard.

Lilah: We chose today’s outfits because lime green is the lymphoma cancer color.

Lilly: These were the only things we could find in mom’s closet.

Lilah: We’re sending her shopping today.

Lilly & Lilah: Yeah, new outfits for our next DLOG!  TTYL!


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